timg.narf.io: images of arbitrary text with (potentially, but not guaranteed) humorous urls


Sending images as a response to something, i.e. “reaction gifs” is a funny thing that happens on the Internet about things sometimes. Often what’s even funnier than the image itself is the URL of the image.

This web app will take arbitrary text, make a very plain image of that exact text, and attempt to return that image, stored at a (perhaps) relevant and (perhaps) humorous URL.

The impetus for this entire nonsense was the fantastic URL of: http://www.funnycatsite.com/pictures/Very_Interesting250.jpg

There’s no part of that URL (or potential interactions with that URL) that isn’t funny to me.


The only interface to this stupid joke is your browser’s address bar. There are two options:

Using the “g” param will redirect you to a (hopefully) humorous URL with an image of your text. It may be different with each request.

So, just replace any text after the “=” with whatever text you want to see.

Use Case

Definitely none.

Or, waitaminute. You might want to use this if you want to make a joke about a URL. Or if you want an image of the text you might search in your quest to find a reaction gif:

For instance, that yielded: http://a.timg.narf.io/d5f35f/2012/13242/gifts-under-a-gram-stocking-stuffers-for-stoners.gif.

You might get something even better. It’ll generate a new one each time.